Please indicate the translation languages (e.g., Japanese → English), volume (number of characters, etc.), desired delivery date, purpose, file format of the document, etc., to the extent these are known.

Proposal and estimate

An estimate and delivery date will be presented based on the received document and information.
Submitting the final document to be translated will enable the coordinator to propose a more specific estimate of charges, delivery date, and services.
Contact us using the inquiry form or by telephone regarding requests for materials, estimates, or other matters.

Before the work starts, please send any materials for use as reference when translating (list of terms, past translations, etc.), and indicate matters needing special attention.


The official order is made by notifying us after you have confirmed the estimate.
If documents such as an order form or receipt are needed, notify us at the time of the order.


The translation provided by the translator undergoes detailed revise by checkers.
A suitable translator is assigned according to the contents, field of specialization, and purpose of the document.
Another translator is assigned as a checker to revise the translation against the original text for any errors or omissions and ensure appropriate choice of words, consistency of translation, and accuracy of numbers.


From a confidentiality standpoint, as a rule, the translation is delivered using the Simul File Transfer System, a dedicated system using encryption of sent and received files.

Simul International, Inc. Translation Department

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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