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Basic policy on information security

As linguistic professionals, the companies of Simul Group offer interpreting and translation services to our customers in their important scenes of communication. Based on our recognition that ensuring the security of the information we handle through our services is an imperative requirement to achieve this aim as well as one of the essential issues in management and business, we have set the following policies to establish an information security management system and will surely implement the management of information security.

  1. Efforts for Information Security

    Pursuant to our belief that ensuring information security is one of our essential managerial issues and also is part of the corporate social responsibilities, each one of the staff members that engage in our business operations is committed to making efforts to put the information security into practice.

  2. Protection of Information Assets

    In order to surely protect our information assets from threats against confidentiality, integrity, and availability, we will take appropriate management measures according to the actual operating conditions of each workplace.

  3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc.

    To achieve information security, we will observe applicable laws and other regulations as well as contractual requirements.

  4. Education and Training

    We will work to raise awareness of the persons engaged in our services on information security and provide them with education and training to spread the information security policies.

  5. Prevention of Incidents and Countermeasures

    By operating the information security management system, each one of our personnel endeavors to prevent the occurrence of information security incidents. Should any incident occur, we will swiftly take appropriate measures, including recurrence prevention measures.

  6. Audit

    We will regularly audit the operational status of the information security management system and strive to secure information security by taking remedial measures as needed.

  7. Continuous Improvement of Information Security Management System

    We will annually set our information security targets; define and plan activities to achieve such targets; and review the results of the activities to establish information security targets for the next year. We will also evaluate and review the basic policy on information security and related internal regulations as well as the management system to continuously improve information security.

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