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We want people and countries to understand each other. As language professionals, we support our customers with their international communication needs and contribute to bringing about a richer society.

Simul was founded in 1965. For nearly 60 years now, we have continued to provide the highest quality interpreting and translation services. Our mission today is the same as it was then: to provide the very best support for our customers’ international communication needs, and to help mutual understanding across language barriers between people and nations.

Recent years have brought dramatic changes to the environment and social conditions, revolutionizing the ways in which we communicate. But however much the means and tools at our disposal may change, communication itself remains as important as ever. At Simul we strive constantly to offer the best possible interpreting and translation solutions for the changing times, to ensure that we can meet our all our clients’ diverse demands and expectations with regard to international communication.

As globalization continues at an increasing speed in the years to come, Simul will continue to offer interpreting and translation services that are easier to use than ever before. As the core company in the interpreting and translation business within the TAKARA & COMPANY Group, we will continue to devote ourselves to serving our clients and helping them to communicate internationally across language barriers.

Kumiko Yoshino
Kumiko Yoshino
Simul International, Inc.
Kumiko Yoshino