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Operation of simultaneous interpreting equipment

Simultaneous interpreting systems are used to convey the speaker’s words to the interpreter and the interpreter’s words to listeners. They consist of various types of equipment, including interpreting booths, microphones, headphones, and receivers.
A job begins with meeting the customer and proposing the optimal equipment based on the event, its venue, the number of participants, and other details. Preparations continue up to the day of the event and can include a visit to inspect the site in advance. On the day of the event, our highly experienced engineers set up and operate the equipment and then remove it afterward.
The interpreter is supported with advanced technology and equipment, which makes more natural communication possible between meeting participants and helps smooth the proceedings.

Examples of Interpreting Services at Events

Onsite event

The speaker, participants, interpreters, and engineers are all at the venue

Venue layout example

Hybrid event

The speaker, participants, interpreters, and engineers are at the venue, and there are also people participating remotely

Online event

The speaker, participants, interpreters, and engineers are all remote

Online event
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