Let us know the meeting date, time, place, subject area, languages, interpreting style (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered), type of participants and other information, to the extent these are known.
Contact us using the form below or by telephone.

Details we would like to know
  • Date and time of meeting
  • Location
  • Subject area
  • Languages
  • Interpreting style (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, etc.)
  • Type of participants, etc.

Proposal and estimate

We propose the class and number of interpreters and necessary equipment appropriate to the required service.

Interpreter numbers

We propose numbers appropriate to the service and time. Simultaneous interpreting needs at least 2 persons to enable rotating.
Simultaneous: 2 persons for 3 hours or less, 3 to 4 persons for longer than 3 hours
Consecutive: 1 person for 3 hours or less, 2 persons for longer than 3 hours

Interpreter classes

We propose the ideal class based on the service details and your budget.


Together with our interpreting service, we can also provide various equipment including simultaneous interpreting equipment, audio equipment, platform for remote simultaneous interpreting, as well as equipment and engineers for web conference support. We propose the optimal equipment operation plan in coordination with our equipment experts.
See here for equipment profiles


The official order is made after you have confirmed the estimate.

Deciding interpreters and equipment

We will contact you after selecting interpreters in line with your wishes and conditions.
Simultaneous interpreting equipment will be proposed if required.
We will also confirm whether advance talks are needed, and the time and place for meeting up.


By the day of the event

Your cooperation will be appreciated in providing the interpreting staff in advance with any documents or materials used by the speakers. Adequate provision of specialized terms and names ahead of time will ensure a satisfying performance.

Examples of materials to be readied
  • Program (agenda)
  • Speaker profiles
  • Slides
  • Speech text, etc.

Day of the event

A coordinator will come to the site as needed.

Reviewing performance

You will be asked for your views on whether the performance met your expectations.
The time will also be confirmed, such as in cases where the event lasted longer than planned.

Simul International, Inc. Interpreting Department

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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Osaka +81-6-6946-3970