Business and Arts & Culture Translation

CEO messages, press releases, company information disclosures and IR materials, meeting documents, contracts, training materials—our highly experienced translators meet translation-related needs arising in all aspects of business.

Translators with strong research and writing skills provide translations of academic papers, documents related to history, culture, and World Heritage, and various tourism-related materials for a wide range of customers, including universities and other educational and research institutions, art museums and science and history museums, and local government bodies.

Medical Translation

Maintaining Simul’s strong emphasis on quality, our dedicated medical translation team provides optimal translation services based on the customer’s specific needs.

Simul International

Strengths of Translation Services

Top quality

We have been dedicated since our founding to constantly improving quality and this has earned strong trust and high marks from customers. Translators and checkers are managed based on quality standards defined for each service line and are assigned in optimal combinations for each project. Coordinators manage the translation process in an integrated manner to deliver quality translation in line with the requirements of the customer. New IT technologies are also utilized to further strengthen our quality management system.

3,600 registered translators worldwide and checkers handle some 10,000 jobs annually

Simul translators have passed our strict screening process. Translators and checkers rigorously selected from around the world translate documents related to corporate management and administration, Simul’s specialty, as well as academic, cultural, and medical documents, drawing on their extensive experience and high-level expertise.

Optimal solutions to meet customer needs

Sales representatives listen closely to the needs of the customer and propose optimal plans for projects of all sizes based on how the document will be used, when the translation is needed by, the budget for the job, and other factors. Particularly large jobs are handled by forming a special team with coordinators and translators.

Simul International

Translation Quality Management

Quality policies

  • We understand the customer's needs and provide translations that meet the requisite specifications.
  • We select the optimal translator and reviser for each translation project, which progresses under the management of a dedicated coordinator, and take responsibility for completing the project by the prescribed deadline.
  • Utilizing our unique in-house manual and style guidelines for translators and revisers, we provide stable, reliable quality.
  • We draw on customer feedback to improve our linguist assignments and work processes, thereby enhancing quality on an ongoing basis.

Quality-management framework

Simul is engaged in various initiatives to deliver translations of the highest quality and to consistently meet the expectations of customers.
We are also focused on standardizing work processes, which includes acquiring and maintaining ISO 17100 (JIS Y 17100) certification.

Quality inspection

  • After the document is translated, the checker carefully inspects it against the original.
  • The coordinator does a final inspection to confirm that it meets the job specifications.
  • The quality manager reviews the translation and provides feedback to the translator and checker.


  • Through our unique in-house manuals and guidelines, we work to standardize processes and ensure consistency.
  • Promoting conformity with ISO 17100 (JIS Y 17100) and other international standards

Education and training

  • We provide training programs and other measures (sharing examples of feedback from various projects, etc.) so that coordinators can develop their skills on an ongoing basis.
  • We help translators and revisers hone their skills through information-sharing efforts, workshops, and more.

Human-resource management

  • We use rigorous trial translations in specific fields to screen translators for registration.
  • Based on curricula vitae and in-person interviews, we assess translator aptitude and orientation.
  • We regularly update our translator records with information on performance, qualifications, and other details to optimize our assignment capabilities.

Simul International is an ISO-certified translation service provider

Simul International has obtained certification for ISO 17100:2015 (Translation services – Requirements for translation services), an international standard that provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.

* The scope of Simul International's ISO certification covers the divisions of (1) finance, economy, and judicial affairs and (2) medicine (for translations from English to Japanese and vice versa).
* Not all of our translation services fall within the scope of ISO 17100. Please inquire if you require ISO 17100 compliant services.

Supplier's declaration of conformity under ISO 18587, the international standard for post-editing

Simul has made a declaration of conformity under ISO 18587 (Translation services – Post-editing of machine translation output – Requirements), an international standard for post-editing of machine translation. Please refer to the declaration for details.

Note: Not all post-editing services provided by Simul conform with ISO 18587. Please contact Simul for more information on the scope of applicable services.

ISO 18587 Declaration of Conformity

Simul International, Inc. Translation Department

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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