Staffing and referral


When requesting staff, let us know the nature of the work, the time period, place, hours, required skills, etc. to the extent these are known.
Contact us using the inquiry form .

Arrangements and basic agreement

Our staff will contact you or visit regarding such details as the nature of the work, the required experience and skills, and hiring conditions. As needed, we will propose the level of personnel suitable for the work, and the salary.
A basic agreement on personnel referral will be concluded between the customer and our company.

Candidate selection and referral

Candidates are selected from a broad range of registered human resources, introducing the optimal personnel for the needs.

Candidate selection

The customer will be asked to conduct a document-based screening of candidates.

Interview and consideration of hiring

Interview the candidates and decide on hiring.

Presentation of conditions, provisional job offer

Issue a provisional job offer notice indicating the working conditions.
After mutual agreement is negotiated on the starting date and conditions, the candidate is officially hired as an employee.

Joining the company

Simul will send an invoice for the referral fee after the direct hire process is completed

Simul Business Communications, Inc.

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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