Business and Arts & Culture Translation

Proposing the right translation service for the right application

Simul’s high-quality translation services provide customers in Japan and abroad with solutions for a far-reaching range of applications, including business writing, diplomatic documents, academic materials, and more. With globalization surging ahead and our customers’ needs growing increasingly diverse, we will leverage our capabilities and incorporate cutting-edge technologies into flexible proposals. Our versatile approaches align with our customers’ budgets, delivery date requirements, and intended applications at the same levels of reliability and satisfaction that Simul prides itself on.

Translation process, project examples, and cost simulations

Fields / Documents handled / Languages supported

Outlines the characteristics of Simul’s translation services, including fields covered, the main types of documents handled, and languages supported.

Translation process, project examples, and cost simulations

Learn more about the distinctive features of Simul’s translation services, examples of how customers can use our services, cost simulations, and additional services that complement our translation offerings.

Service flow
(Business and Arts & Culture Translation)

Explains the service flow for translation services, from the customer’s inquiry to our proposal, estimate, translation and quality check, delivery, and confirmation of the translation.

Examples of services provided / Customer testimonials / Translator profiles

Outlines recent projects, customer testimonials, and comments from translators.

Simul International

Strengths of Business and Arts & Culture Translation

Top quality

We have been dedicated since our founding to constantly improving quality and this has earned strong trust and high marks from customers. Translators and checkers are managed based on quality standards defined for each service line and are assigned in optimal combinations for each project. Coordinators manage the translation process in an integrated manner to deliver quality translation in line with the requirements of the customer. New IT technologies are also utilized to further strengthen our quality management system.

A rich track record of handling diverse documents in 55+ languages, some 10,000 projects annually

Having passed our rigorous screening process, translators and checkers carefully selected from around the world translate documents related to corporate management and administration, Simul’s specialty, as well as academic, cultural, and medical documents, drawing on their extensive experience and high-level expertise. We support your multilingual projects with a translator base that covers over 55 languages.

Optimal solutions to meet customer needs

Sales representatives listen closely to the needs of the customer and propose optimal plans for projects of all sizes based on how the document will be used, when the translation is needed by, the budget for the job, and other factors. Particularly large jobs are handled by forming a special team with coordinators and translators.

Three Specialty Fields
Business management

From CEO messages to press releases, board meeting materials, contracts, and other external documents to meeting materials, minutes, training materials, and other internal documents, we translate all types of writing related to corporate activities.

Disclosure and IR

In the field of company information disclosure and investor relations, where disclosing information in English is becoming increasingly important, our dedicated teams meet customer needs in every aspect of the process, from scheduling to process management, resource management, and quality assurance, providing high-quality English translations with quick turnaround of shareholder meeting notices, securities reports, earnings summaries, integrated reports, and other documents.

Arts & Culture

Translators with strong research and writing skills meet the needs of customers, who include universities and other education and research institutions, local governments and other public bodies, as well as art museums and science and history museums. We have an extensive track record in everything from academic papers to tourism-related materials.

Translator profiles

The following profiles are of Simul translators with extensive experience in translation services. The entire translation team is dedicated to continuing to supply translations that satisfy customers at even higher levels of quality.

Mari Tashiro

Mari Tashiro

English translator

Far from being a simple process of replacing words in one language with their equivalent in another, translation is an ongoing search for effective ways of conveying the intentions and nuances of the original, while thinking of where and how the document will be used. Along with accuracy, I try to create a translation that does not read like a translation.

Wataru Tenga

Wataru Tenga

English translator

Translation is the ideal career for me, combining my love of language and a lifelong interest in science, technology and other areas of knowledge.
Reflecting these dual interests, I entered university as a physics and mathematics major, but eventually chose to concentrate on language studies.
I am fortunate for the opportunity to pursue this career at Simul, whose coordinators and checkers are strongly committed to quality, and whose discerning customers demand and appreciate that quality.

Simul International, Inc. Translation Department

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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