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Examples of services provided

Clinical trials
・Investigator’s brochures
・Clinical trial protocols
・Clinical trial agreements
・Statistical analysis plans
・Clinical study reports
・Adverse event reports
Inspections and audits
・GMP / GCP-related documents
・Standard operating procedures
・Qualification assessment reports
・Accreditation-related documents (JCI, JMIP, etc.)
Public relations and marketing
・Press releases
・Corporate profiles
・User manuals
・Survey reports

Academic papers

Company internal meeting materials

Human resource assessment materials, minutes

CMC/GMP-related documents

Informed consent forms (ICF)

Case report forms

PMDA consultation documents, inquiries (responses)

JCI review documents, explanatory materials for patients


PMDA review reports

Subtitles for academic/PR/training videos

Market research reports

Notifications related to pharmaceutical affairs

Press releases

Customer testimonials

Natural translation of specialized subjects. Not many translation companies can do this.

Not many companies in our experience have been able to correctly interpret specialized subjects while producing a natural-sounding translation, so I was surprised at the high level of quality. We will definitely turn to Simul for future translations.

The translation has been so good that my level of satisfaction has gone up a rank

Simul has appropriately used the terminology and expressions we use internally at our company. I think the English overall has been very good recently in particular. The level I was satisfied with before now just seems the "usual level."

Development research institution
Accurate, reliable translation that even impresses native speakers

Simul’s translation is reliable; it is highly accurate and the turnaround is quick. The native speakers we have here told me there’s nothing that needs to be revised. We plan to continue to rely on Simul for translations.

Translator profiles

Our roster of highly experienced translators includes people with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and even former healthcare professionals. Utilizing a translator database with information on specialties, disease areas, work history, and past translations, we assign translators who are optimal for each project.

Pharmaceuticals area

Translator A(Career of more than 10 years)

Worked at a Japanese pharmaceutical company in safety information management and reliability assurance. Extensive experience with CIOMS, IB, protocols, CSR, CTD, PSUR, package insert translation, and with translating development and approval application materials.

Translator B(Career of more than 30 years)

English native. Worked at a Japanese pharmaceutical company for around 20 years, translating into English and proofing medical academic papers, clinical trial reports, package inserts, and case report forms, etc. Has extensive experience translating a wide variety of documents chiefly in the clinical field, from clinical trials to post-market surveillance.

Translator C(Career of more than 10 years)

Engaged in research as a postdoc in bio-related fields at various universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas. Earned a doctorate in medicine. Has experience in quality assurance at a medical equipment manufacturer. Has extensive experience translating in the medical equipment field and bio-related academic papers, etc.

Medical equipment area

Translator A(Career of more than 10 years)

After working in quality assurance at a domestic medical equipment company, performed GVP work in the safety management division of an overseas-based medical equipment company. Well familiar with catheters, stents, vascular prosthesis, and ablation systems, etc. Has translated many application materials, inquiries, and academic papers.

Translator B(Career of more than 10 years)

After graduating from the graduate school of a national university in science, joined a leading medical equipment company to work in product development, while also creating and translating operating manuals, clinical trial plans and other documents. Well versed in the endoscopy field. Has extensive experience translating STED, technical reports for applications, user manuals, and academic papers.

Translator C(Career of more than 10 years)

After graduating from a graduate school of engineering in applied chemistry, worked in import and export of medical materials and machine tools. Thoroughly familiar with endoscopes, catheters, X-ray equipment, MRI, mechanical hearts, electrocardiograms, dialysis equipment, and analysis equipment.

Simul International, Inc. Translation Department

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