Translation process, project examples, and cost simulations

Proposing the right translation service for the right application

Since launching our translation services with a focus on diplomatic documents nearly 60 years ago, we have expanded our range and extended our capabilities to keep delivering top-quality translations through a shared commitment—uniting our translators, checkers, and coordinators—to a higher standard.
With globalization surging ahead and our customers’ needs growing increasingly diverse, we will leverage our capabilities and incorporate cutting-edge technologies into flexible proposals. Our versatile approaches align with our customers’ budgets, delivery date requirements, and intended applications at the same levels of reliability and satisfaction that Simul prides itself on.

Simul’s translation process

At Simul, every translation project begins with a custom-designed proposal that factors in the intended application of the text, preferred delivery date, project budget, and more.
One of Simul’s biggest strengths lies in project coordination. From selecting the optimal translator for the job to ensuring that the translation meets the customer’s specifications and fits within the target timeline, we pour our energies into getting every detail right.
We also take a flexible approach in designing our work processes, such as assigning native English-speaking translators to projects depending on the intended application or adding a native-check step as needed.

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1 Confirmation of specifications

We go over the specifications of the job with the customer, including glossary availability, reference materials, preferred style, and a basic idea of what the finished product should be like.

2 Selection of
translator and checker

We select the optimal translator and checker for the job based on factors like the content of the source text, the specialized knowledge required, and the intended application of the translation.

3 Translation

The translator takes full advantage of their knowledge, experience, and project-specific research to translate the content.

4 Check

The checker, carefully examining the translation alongside the original text, looks for mistranslations, omissions, typographical errors, numerical errors, and any problems with proper nouns or units.

5 Layout work

We then do layout work on the translation file, such as adjusting fonts, font sizes, page numbering, and other conditions as appropriate for the target language, to ensure that the translation matches the original from a visual and aesthetic standpoint.

6 Final check

We perform a final check to make sure that the translation meets the customer’s specifications.

7 Delivery

We deliver the translation using the Simul File Transfer System, our dedicated, secure framework for sending and receiving files.

Premium translation: The optimal choice for next-level quality

Simul’s Premium plan delivers the highest-quality translation service in Japan, exhibiting strengths in diplomatic documents and other key projects. The quality of our Premium plan testifies to our decades of experience in helping companies go global.
For a project in the Premium service line, a top-level translator with extensive knowledge and experience produces a natural, fluent translation—always mindful of usage contexts and readers’ cultural backgrounds—that reflects the intentions and nuances of the source text.
A different translator then carefully reviews the document, conducting thorough research and identifying and addressing issues in terminology and phrasing. Next is the proofreading step, which involves giving the translation a clean, high-quality finish. After delivery, we follow up with the customer and incorporate their feedback to refine the translation further.

Project examples

Technology-driven solutions

Simul meets a wide array of customer needs by fusing the sophisticated skills of translators with the unique benefits of machine translation, computer-assisted translation tools, and other cutting-edge technologies. If you need to translate a large volume of content on a tight deadline or keep expenses to a minimum, contact Simul and see how our experienced, knowledgeable coordinators can create a proposal for an optimal solution.

Project examples

Services available in addition to translation

We offer various services that are available as an addition to translation service. Please consult the coordinator for such services as transcription of recorded materials before translation, creation of video captions after translation, DTP, etc.

Native checking

An English native checks English documents prepared by the customer.

Voice transcription
(Japanese, English, other languages)

Recorded voice is transcribed word-for-word and delivered.

Video translation

We provide subtitled or dubbed versions of video or other images used for e-Learning, seminars, or corporate introductions.

DTP, printing

We prepare and print corporate profiles, pamphlets, product catalogs, conference minutes and other materials, including translation.

Project examples

Below are several examples of how Simul has responded flexibly and effectively to a wide variety of customer needs.

Customer request

A Japanese-owned financial institution asked us to translate articles into English for publication on its owned media platform, hoping that running a series of monthly interviews on a variety of projects in English might help the organization reach prospective customers in overseas markets.

Our proposal

Premium service (Japanese → English)
We knew that the job would require a native English-speaking translator familiar with the content of the projects and capable of conveying it in a fluent, intuitive way. From there, we rounded out our proposal with a check by a native Japanese-speaking translator, who would focus on ensuring that the translation reflected the subtleties of the source text, and a final step to polish up the end result.

Customer testimonial

We’re so happy with how the translation came out: not only was the English easy to read, helping the content get across to readers, but the number of corrections we had to make on our end was also minimal. We’re looking forward to having Simul handle our articles every month.

Proposal details
Translation by a native English speaker
Check by a native Japanese-speaking translator
Final polishing by a native English speaker
Total volume/cost

2,000 characters - approx. 80,000 yen

Customer request

The customer needed translations of training materials for employees at multiple overseas worksites.

Our proposal

Standard Process (Japanese → English)
Since the training materials were for a diverse audience at the customer’s overseas sites, including non-native English speakers, we proposed assigning the translation to a native Japanese-speaking translator and then putting the results through a check step so that the end result would be loyal to the original and easy to understand.

Customer testimonial

The simple, easy-to-understand English in Simul’s translation made the training process nice and smooth. If we ever need another translation, we know we’ll be reaching out to Simul again.

Proposal details
Native Japanese-speaking translator/native Japanese-speaking checker
Total volume/cost

PowerPoint slides with approx. 15 pages of text + image layout work, etc. - approx. 85,000yen

Customer request

The customer wanted the translator who normally handles their projects to translate another file in two days’ time.

Our proposal

Standard process (English → Japanese)
While we were unable to assign the customer’s preferred translator to the job, we proposed having another experienced, high-caliber translator complete the project by the desired delivery date.

Customer testimonial

Despite the tight deadline, Simul did a great job. The quality-control framework is obviously solid, which is so reassuring.

Proposal details
Translator with a strong background in the field
Total volume/cost

1,000words - approx. 35,000 yen

Customer request

The customer needed a video message from its president translated and subtitled.

Our proposal

We assigned the translation to a native English-speaking translator adept at capturing subtle shades of meaning, which often factor into messages from company leaders, and also subtitled the video to provide a one-stop solution.

Customer testimonial

Simul got the message across exactly the way we were hoping and handled everything we needed, which saved us the trouble of sourcing work to multiple providers.

Proposal details
One-stop solution providing translation and subtitling of a video message
Total volume/cost

Translation and subtitling of a 10-minute video - approx. 350,000 yen

Customer request

In addition to high quality, the customer was also focused on cost and speed.

Our proposal

The customer needed a translation of an integrated report that had both a financial component, which demanded pinpoint accuracy, and a non-financial component, which required a more message-oriented, expressive tone. We thus decided to assign different translators and employ different processes for the two parts in a way that would allow us to meet the customer’s deadline and budget conditions.

Customer testimonial

Simul designed the project schedule to fit our deadline and produced a translation that we were extremely happy with.

Proposal details
Optimal translator assignments according to the content of the text
A fully customized translation process
Total volume/cost

40 pages - approx. 3,000,000 yen

Customer request

The customer asked us to translate its company philosophy into 10 languages and turn the results into graphical renderings in Adobe Illustrator for use on its website.

Our proposal

Taking advantage of our extensive network of resources, we assembled a team that enabled us to propose a package offering—translating the materials into 10 languages and also delivering the results in a website-ready format.

Customer testimonial

It was great being able to trust Simul with everything, from translating the source text into 10 languages—English, Chinese, and other languages in Asia and Europe—to the graphic design.

Proposal details
One-stop solution providing translation into multiple languages
Graphic-design work
Total volume/cost

Approx. 800 characters per language + graphic-design work - approx. 1,500,000 yen

Customer request

The customer needed a translation of roughly 400,000 characters of technical standards and construction guidelines in six weeks.

Our proposal

The customer was hoping for a quick six-week turnaround time for a volume that would normally take upwards of three months, so we proposed using computer-assisted translation tools and machine translation for the initial step and then performing a check of the results so that we could have everything to the customer within the target timeline.

Customer testimonial

To our delight, Simul managed to finish the project on a tight schedule and have the layout looking great.

Proposal details
Accelerated turnaround and consistent terminology through the effective use of computer-assisted translation tools
Machine translation
Total volume/cost

400,000 characters + layout work - approx. 4,000,000 yen

Simul International, Inc. Translation Department

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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