About us

Corporate philosophy

Linking People and Countries

Reaching across language barriers for mutual understanding between people and nations. With that as our constant wish, we are helping customers to get their message out accurately. As language professionals, Simul people are facilitating global communications by our customers.

About the company name

The name Simul is taken from the first five letters of “simultaneous interpreting.” This is the origin of our company name, Simul International.


olid Partner

We will be a reliable partner for more and more companies through continuing orders and referrals from our customers.

nteractive Appreciation

We will value our relationships with everyone involved with Simul and grow as a company while inspiring and stimulating one another as a group of professionals.

ultifaceted Services

We will further enhance our language services to help solve the issues faced by increasing numbers of customers.

nparalleled Quality

We will provide services that constantly go beyond expectations to accurately convey the customer’s words and intentions.

eading-Edge Communications

We will stay abreast of the changing environment and ever-evolving technologies to create new communication value.

About our logo