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Job Types

We offer talent for a broad range of in-house interpreting and translation positions, including full-time in-house translators, bilingual secretaries who can also act as an interpreter, and assistants with interpreting and translation skills. They can be assigned to your office or work on a remote basis.

Job-ready talent with specialized skills
In-house interpreting

We refer suitable people based on experience and skill set to support various situations where in-house interpreting may be necessary such as in-house meetings, business meetings, training, attendance on business trips, etc. Interpreting service can be provided in a wide range of styles from consecutive to whispering or simultaneous, as well as remote interpreting.

In-house translation

A range of services are offered from translation of business documents in general (including internal documents, primary translation of external documents, translation quality control, post-editing, etc.) to translation in specialized fields including finance, IT, and technology.

Secretaries / assistants with interpreting / translation skills

We refer people who can provide both assistance and interpreting/translation services, for instance secretary work for foreign executives, interpreting/translation support for foreign employees, and preparation of English documents and emails.

Supported languages

We support wide ranging languages from English to Asian languages (Chinese, Korean, etc.) and European languages (French, Italian, German, etc.)

Language support in many different languages

Registered human resources

Registered personnel are equipped with strong linguistic ability, and nearly 80% of those registered for English have a TOEIC score of 900 or above.

The high language proficiency expected of Simul
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Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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