Staffing and referral

Staffing and referral

Simul Business Communications, the staffing division of the Simul Group, provides staffing and referral services for interpreting and translation. The optimal staff are provided to support the specific needs of customers, from in-house interpreters and translators to interpreters for foreign executives, translators for specific divisions, translation checkers, bilingual secretaries, and assistants who can also help with interpreting and translation.

We primarily make referrals for permanent in-house interpreters and translators, so for one-off interpreting jobs and contract translation projects, please refer to the pages on Simul International’s interpretingand translationservices.

Job Types / Languages Supported / Registered Personnel

Job types, languages supported, roster of personnel, and other information on Simul Business Communications’ services.

Projects / Case Studies

Recent projects and case studies showcasing solutions to specific customer issues.

Service Flow

Service flow for our staffing services.

Service Flow
(Temporary staffing with the intent to hire)

Service flow for temporary staffing with the intent to hire.

Service Flow
(Personnel referral)

Service flow for our referral services.

Simul Business Communications

Strengths of Staffing and Referral Services

Skilled, job-ready interpreters and translators

Simul Business Communications, the dedicated staffing and referral company of the Simul Group, has a large roster of job-ready talent, from personnel with strong interpreting and translation skills acquired at Simul Academy to personnel with practical experience and specialized knowledge in various industries. Drawing on the Group’s extensive resources, we provide training and career assistance to registered personnel as we work to continually improve and polish their skills.

A broad range of in-house interpreting and translation positions

A majority of our registered personnel have strong interpreting and translation skills. We can accommodate a broad range of job descriptions, from freelance-level interpreting and translation to in-house pool-type and project-based interpreting and translation, interpreting for executives, bilingual secretarial work, and assistance including help with interpreting and translation. We place staff who are optimal for your specific job opening.

Skilled coordinators for interpreting/translation staffing

Our coordinators have extensive experience in both staffing and interpreting/translation jobs. Even after a placement begins, the assigned coordinator works to facilitate communication between the customer and the assigned personnel, and this includes confirming how the job is proceeding. We identify problems quickly and provide prompt and thorough follow-up to help the work go smoothly at the client company.

Accurate job matching

When registering staff, their experience and wishes are confirmed in individual interviews. English interviews, PC skills tests, and our original language skill checking assess the abilities and suitability of staff, enabling us to refer the best human resources for your needs.


Interpreters and translators are available when they are needed and for the length of time they are needed.

  • Flexibility and cost-efficiency. From one-time projects and short-term assignments to long-term placements, personnel can be utilized in a flexible manner depending on the job scale and duration, which allows for greater cost efficiency.
  • Job-ready personnel begin helping from day one.

Temporary staffing with the intent to hire

Placements are made on the assumption that the customer will hire the personnel as a full or contract employee after the assignment ends.

  • Allows the customer to closely assess the person’s ability and aptitude during the placement, which can be for up to six months.
  • Prevents mismatches, helping to ensure the right people are hired for the job.
  • Enables the customer to reduce efforts, time, and costs to hire new employees.

Personnel referral

Coordinators who are knowledgeable about human resources with language skills refer the optimal personnel after gaining an understanding of the customer’s policies and specific needs.

  • Hiring with a high degree of satisfaction thanks to accurate job matching
  • Lightens the load of hiring-related processes like recruiting, interviewing, and selection
  • No charges until the hiring decision is made. This makes efficient cost-cutting possible since advertising expenses, etc. are reduced.

Strengths of the Simul Group

Referral of Simul Academy students

We actively refer students and graduates of Simul Academy, our school for training professional interpreters and translators. These highly skilled personnel, who have been taught directly by active professional interpreters and translators, have earned top marks from the companies where they have been assigned.

Skilled contract employee program

We have introduced a skilled contract employee program whereby people training to become freelance interpreters are assigned to companies where they can gain practical experience.
Skilled contract employees on the road to becoming professional interpreters can be assigned to companies interested in developing interpreters, providing them with stable employment over a fixed period of time.

Optimal combinations of staffing and contract services

Simul Business Communications joins with Simul International to propose optimal, cost efficient solutions that combine personnel staffing and contract interpreting/translation services based on the specific details of the customer’s request.

Simul Business Communications, Inc.

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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