Medical Translation

Maintaining Simul’s strong emphasis on quality, our dedicated medical translation team provides optimal translation services based on the customer’s specific needs.

Documents handled / Languages supported / Rates and estimate

Outlines the characteristics of Simul’s medical translation services, including fields covered, the main types of documents handled, and rates.

Service flow
(Medical translation)

Introduces the service process from the customer’s inquiry to our proposal and estimate, translation, checking, and delivery.

Examples of services provided / Customer testimonials / Translator profiles

Recent projects, customer testimonials, and the backgrounds and accomplishments of our translators.

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Strengths of Medical Translation

Thoroughgoing support from our dedicated medical team

From documents such as clinical trial protocols and clinical study reports that require specialized knowledge and accuracy to press releases and websites that need to be especially well written, our medical team draws on its detailed knowledge of each of these types of writing to provide end-to-end support, from initial talks with the client through to delivery.

Translators selected using a proprietary database

We have a large roster of translators with practical work experience at pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, contract research organizations, and other research institutes as well as translators with medical and pharmaceutical-related translation skills. Utilizing our unique database, which includes summaries of each translator’s background, we are able to select the optimal translator for each job.

Quality management based on document characteristics

We provide accurate, high-quality translation drawing on the translation know-how Simul has accumulated over many years. For documents like approval applications that require consistent terminology and phrasings, we use computer-assisted translation tools. Depending on the type of document, we also maintain conformance with terminology from such sources as ICH Guidelines, MedDRA, and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Characteristics of Simul’s medical translation

Assigning translators

Our coordinators use Simul’s registrant management system to assign the appropriate translator depending on the nature of the document, the level of specialization, and its intended use. By assigning the appropriate people to the appropriate jobs, we engage in quality control from the very initial stage of the translation process.

Translation assistance tool

Computer-assisted translation tools are used for some projects to ensure past translations, reference materials, and lists of terminology provided by the client are appropriately reflected in the translation. Use of these tools makes it possible to maintain consistent quality.

MedDRA, ICH Guidelines, Japanese Pharmacopeia, etc.

Simul always keeps on hand the latest MedDRA, and is able to conform to older versions as needed. We also deliver translations conformant with ICH Guidelines and pharmacopeia.


To ensure provision of documents with consistent quality, translators, checkers, and coordinators are provided with our original translation style guide, standard checking (QC) procedures, and work checklists.

Translator profiles

Our roster of highly experienced translators includes people with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and also former healthcare professionals. Utilizing a translator database with information on specialties, disease areas, work history, and past translations, we assign translators that are optimal for each project.

Pharmaceuticals area

Translator A(Career of more than 10 years)

Worked at a Japanese pharmaceutical company in safety information management and reliability assurance. Extensive experience with CIOMS, IB, protocols, CSR, CTD, PSUR, package insert translation, and with translating development and approval application materials.

Medical equipment area

Translator A(Career of more than 10 years)

After working in quality assurance at a domestic medical equipment company, performed GVP work in the safety management division of an overseas-based medical equipment company. Well familiar with catheters, stents, vascular prosthesis, and ablation systems, etc. Has translated many application materials, inquiries, and academic papers.

Simul International, Inc. Translation Department

Our coordinators propose optimal plans based on the customer’s needs.

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