A wide range of fields

Simul provides translations in a wide range of fields, including politics and diplomacy, public relations, and business administration. Contact us even if you have highly specialized documents to be translated.

Politics and diplomacy Speeches by Japan’s Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and other government officials, letters to foreign leaders and ambassadors, papers on diplomacy, whitepapers, etc.
Financial services and financial affairs Financial statements, IFRS materials, information memoranda, fund reports, etc.
Medical and pharmaceuticals Documents relating to CMC, non-clinical studies and clinical trials, approval applications, post-market surveillance, inspections and audits, and academic papers in the medical field
See here for medical translation services.
Public relations and marketing Analytical reports on industry trends, project proposals, presentation materials, branding, corporate identity, etc.
Education and science Academic papers, abstracts, teaching materials, syllabi, lecture materials, applications for research funding, etc.
Business administration and human resources Message from top management, corporate philosophy, board meeting materials, minutes, audit reports, human resource assessment materials, training (e-Learning) materials, life story of entrepreneurs, etc.
Culture and sports Descriptions of art works and exhibits, materials on cultural assets and historic sites, museum guides, etc.
Law and legal affairs Contracts, laws and ordinances, memoranda of understanding, regulations, outside agreements, corporate governance, compliance, behavior codes, judicial precedents, etc.
Tourism Tourism pamphlets, tourism maps, tourism applications, introductions to lodging facilities, guide signage, World Heritage-related materials
Public relations and IR Press releases, corporate profiles, company history, annual reports, CSR reports, sustainability reports, general shareholders meeting convening notices, financial reporting materials, etc.
Technology and machinery User manuals, product catalogs, operating manuals, maintenance and operation manuals, specifications, technical proposals, ISO standards, etc.
IT System manuals, user interface, terms of use, etc.

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