A wide range of fields

We provide referrals for a wide range of positions centering on interpreting and translation. Examples are full-time in-house interpreters or translators, bilingual secretaries capable also of interpreting, and English-language office workers or assistants.

The high language proficiency expected of Simul
Language support in many different languages
Equipped with the needed expertise from day one
In-house interpreting We can meet needs for in-house interpreting in a variety of situations, including meetings, business negotiations, training, accompanying, or attending. Suitable human resources are referred based on staff experience and skills.
In-house translation Whether for translation of internal documents, translating initial drafts of documents for outside use, or checking translations, we provide translation personnel both for general business documents and for specialized translation in areas such as financial services, IT, or other technical translation.
Bilingual secretary work We introduce the personnel right for the needs, from those highly experienced in executive secretary or group secretary positions to those whose work includes interpreting or translation.
English-language office work or assistance including translation We introduce personnel capable of interpreting and translation for foreign employees, writing of English documents and email, or other clerical assistance involving interpreting or translation.
Event staff We introduce personnel who can provide support in various business situations, including booth attendants and language support staff at international conferences, events, and tradeshows.
Personnel with immediately useful language proficiency In addition to interpreting and translation, we support hiring of human resources who also have specialized skills in areas such as public relations and marketing.

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