Staffing and referral

Bilingual staff ready to go to work for you right away

Simul Business Communications has an extensive roster of people ready to go to work. They include staff with outstanding interpreting and translation skills developed at Simul Academy, personnel experienced in work requiring language skills, and those with specialized knowledge.

Staffing for a wide range of jobs needing advanced language skills

The core skills of registered staff are advanced interpreting and translation abilities. Staff are available for a wide range of jobs, from freelance to in-house interpreting and translation, bilingual secretaries, English-language office work, and language support staff at events.

Coordinators and consultants well familiar with language staffing

Coordinators and consultants thoroughly familiar with language-related jobs confirm the working status of the provided staff, and facilitate communication between the customer and staff. Providing prompt and effective follow-up, we ensure the work is carried out smoothly.

Accurate job matching

When registering staff, their experience and wishes are confirmed in individual interviews. English interviews, PC skills tests, and our original language skill checking assess the abilities and suitability of staff, enabling us to refer the best human resources for your needs.

Using our staffing service

Using our referral service

A wide range of fields

For inquiries regarding staffing and referral services, please contact:

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