A wide range of fields

Politics and diplomacy Ministerial-level talks, accompanying minister on trip, bilateral talks, talks with VIP
Business administration General meeting of shareholders, financial results briefings, board meetings
Public relations and IR Seminars, lectures, IR conferences, domestic and overseas road shows, talks with investors (accompanying or telephone conferences)
Medical and pharmaceuticals Agency consultations, face-to-face consultation meetings, MR training, new product announcements, doctor lectures, academic society seminars, inspections (GCP, GMP, FDA, etc.)
M&A M&A negotiations (due diligence, top management meetings), visits to branches and related facilities, media announcements
Accounting IFRS seminars, conferences, audits, training, lectures, etc.
Law and legal affairs Meetings, interviews, depositions concerning lawsuits or anti-monopoly law
Events Trade shows, business matching events, press interviews
Education (university) Academic seminars, international symposiums, ceremonies (anniversary commemorations)
Financial services Stock and bond management seminars, pension seminars, investment seminars

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