Top-level interpreting and quality control

At intergovernmental negotiations, high-level corporate meetings, major announcements, and symposiums and seminars, we provide quality built on history and experience. Regular testing and customer feedback are used to assign Simul’s original class ratings to interpreters.

Serving needs in Japan and abroad in numerous languages and fields

Besides English, we offer interpreting in more than 40 languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, and various Asian languages. In specialized fields with strong demand, we provide workshops to raise the level of interpreter expertise.

A total coordination system

Interpreting coordinators stay on top of each assignment from start to finish. Staff familiar with the abilities and job suitability of each interpreter assign the optimal persons. We also make proposals regarding the interpreting environment and advance preparatory materials.

The top exclusively contracted interpreters in the industry

Interpreting styles and rates

A wide range of fields

Examples of services provided


G7 Summit

Board of directors meeting and general shareholders meeting

For inquiries regarding interpreting services, please contact:

Simul International, Inc. Interpreting Department