Equipment operation service

Simultaneous interpreting equipment

Specialized engineers are in charge of everything from setup to operation and removal.

Conference audio equipment

A plan appropriate to the venue environment is proposed. We can also arrange for audio only.

Digital recording

Highly convenient recording service with many potential uses. Can be delivered in various forms.

Video equipment

We can arrange for and operate equipment such as projectors and screens or flat screen displays.

Video recording

We can arrange for and operate equipment for video recording and multi-language narration recording.

Telephone, video, and web conferencing

Whether in Japan or overseas, we can meet the growing needs for remote conferencing in various environments.


We rent simultaneous interpreting equipment and audio equipment.

Sales and consulting

We provide total support from consulting to design, installation, and after-delivery operation and maintenance.

Facility operation and administration

We provide equipment maintenance, management, and operation.

For inquiries regarding interpreting equipment services, please contact:

Simul International, Inc. Technical Service Department