Corporate philosophy

Linking people and countries

Reaching across language barriers for mutual understanding between people and nations.

With that as our constant wish, we are helping customers to get their message out accurately.

As language professionals, Simul people are facilitating global communications by our customers.

About the company name

The name Simul is taken from the first five letters of “simultaneous interpreting.” This is the origin of our company name, Simul International.

About our logo

The small sphere in our logo is the moon, and the large sphere is the Earth. This is a reference to the historical moment of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, which was broadcast live throughout Japan by Simul’s simultaneous interpreting.

The large sphere contains two profiles. These represent communication, language being used between people.

The white portion in the center of the large sphere is the S of Simul. The blue portions on both sides of this are countries.

This design incorporates Simul’s desire to contribute toward communication between nations.

Social Responsibility of the Simul Group

As a member of society, both in Japan and overseas, the Simul Group will formulate Group policies to ensure that we positively promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and act responsibly in our management activities, taking full account of social justice and the environment.

■Social Responsibility of the Simul Group