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Medical Translation Service

Solutions for all your medical and pharmaceutical language needs

Simul's medical translation service is available to support your every language need in every conceivable business setting, ranging from pharmaceutical and medical device R&D to promotion and marketing, management, and informational services. We strive to provide optimal language solutions for any situation within the limits of your budget and time schedule.
Dedication to Providing Quality Language Solutions
Appropriate language, style, and terminology are carefully selected for each situation, offering accurate, outstanding translations to meet your every need.

Expertise, Experience, and Excellence
Our highly literate translators are professionals in various medical and pharmaceutical disciplines with the experience and ability to render your pharmaceutical documents and medical papers into natural, accurate, and elegant translations. For management-related projects, translators with expertise in handling business documents are available to meet all your requirements.

Operations Tailored to Your Language Needs
We offer flexibility in considering client situations and priorities to offer the model best suited to your delivery date, budget, and quality requirements.
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