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TOP Corporate Training Features


Corporate Training
Unique Placement Interviews for Unique Clients

Each Simul student is given an individual oral interview based on the internationally accepted standard provided by the TOEIC LPI test. The results of this interview are combined with the client's study objectives and an individual specialized curriculum is then designed by our experienced staff.
Variety and Focus

Simul Academy's Corporate Training Department (CTD) teaches a full range of business courses, with the attention to detail that clients in today's business climate have the right to expect. We supply specialized programs in business skills such as e-mail writing, presentations, negotiating, and conducting successful meetings. We also provide general business English courses that focus on the development of those language skills demanded by an increasingly globalized corporate environment.
Superior Customer Care

Simul believes in client care at all levels from curriculum to instructor quality to course administration. We have a comprehensive system for monitoring each training program from start to finish. Each client will be assigned both a Japanese and a native English speaking coordinator who will help monitor the course. This approach to our programs enhances students' learning and gives the necessary level of support for students to progress.
Professionals for Professionals

Simul boasts a dedicated team of professional instructors, carefully chosen by means of a rigorous selection process. All of our instructors hold formal qualifications and have a minimum of two years' experience of teaching in the corporate arena. Our instructors are specialists in both business and education—a powerful combination that ensures the success of our programs.
Thorough Administration

Simul gives special attention to all courses from start to finish by offering a flexible and thorough system of class administration that is second to none. An experienced Japanese class coordinator is assigned to each client to provide the extra administrative care that our clients deserve. Working alongside teachers and Western managers, our coordinators are able to offer a wealth of advice on effective study, motivation, and on how to get the very best out of our programs. Clients are encouraged to submit full class feedback in the form of student questionnaires at periodic intervals. This feedback is taken into account in the design of future classes—a truly tailor-made training experience.
Individual Evaluation

Instructors provide individually written reports on all students toward the end of each course term. These serve to evaluate the progress made by each student, as well as to offer advice for further improvement. By client request, these evaluations may take the form of one-on-one counseling sessions, meaning even closer individual attention to the needs of both students and clients.
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