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TOP Corporate Training Training Programs

Training Programs

Corporate Training
We design training programs based on our clients' objectives, time frames, and other requirements.

Business English Courses
These courses teach students comprehensive business English skills and are offered at every level, from beginner to advanced.

Business Skills Courses
These intensive training courses in business skills are targeted at students with an intermediate command of English or higher.

Pre-Transfer Training
At CTD's short-term intensives, students gain the English skills they need to be successful in their work overseas.

Pre-Travel Language Training and Overseas Language Study
Offered as a package, these two programs will ensure that your overseas study is a success.

Interpreters' Strategies for Raising Your English Proficiency
This effective program, taught by Simul interpreters, incorporates exercises and methods used to train interpreters.

Two-Day Business English Intensives
These intensives are designed to increase students' motivation to study English and to inspire them to initiate long-term study.

Business Chinese Courses
Leading Chinese-Japanese interpreters help students develop effective skills.

Private Classes
CTD creates individualized study programs and helps students clearly define and reach their goals.

In addition to the above courses, CTD creates customized courses based on client requests.
  • English training programs for financial affairs and accounting staff
  • Training for prospective employees
  • Programs for new recruits
  • Pre-study-abroad training
    Programs for corporate officers and executives
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