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Linking People and Countries
Since Simul International was established in 1965, we have supported international communication activities in government agencies, private corporations, and other business organizations with our high-quality translation and interpreting services. We also offer professional development for interpreters and translators and corporate language training to boost the skills of all those involved in international communications.
Beware of Fake Simul Website!
An imitation Simul website claiming to be Simul’s Chinese/English site has been found on the Internet. This unauthorized site is a virtual replica of Simul’s English site and imports unaltered most of the image and text content of our site. The Simul Group company names and logo are used on this site without the permission of the Simul Group.

Please be advised that this site bears absolutely no relation to our official corporate website (Japanese: and English: and is in no way affiliated with the Simul Group. Please be informed that there may be other fake Simul sites on the Internet.

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Case Studies
Case 1 You Intend to Set up a Business in Japan.
Case 2 You Want to Further Expand Your Operations in Japan.
Case 3 You Need to Gather Information in Japan and Negotiate Business Tie-ups with Japanese Companies.

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