Examples of services provided


Talk with key official (President of Inter-American Development Bank)


45th Tokyo Motor Show


42nd G7 Summit (Ise-Shima Summit)


  • APEC Ministerial Meeting
  • OECD Ministerial Council Meeting
  • World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos
  • Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank
  • Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change
  • Japan-Africa Business Forum
  • Japan-U.S. Business Conference
  • Japan ASEAN Business Meeting
  • IEA International Energy Symposium
  • BIO Japan
  • nano tech International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference
  • Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics
  • Tokyo International Film Festival


Speeches by Japan’s Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and other government officials

Japanese → English (Premium)

General shareholders meeting convening notices and materials for investors

Japanese ⇔ English (Premium, Standard)

Inspection reports on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

Japanese → English (Medical)

  • International symposium presentation materials: English → Japanese (Premium)
  • World Heritage Site recommendations: Japanese → English (Premium, Standard), Japanese ⇔ French (Premium)
  • Messages from top management: Japanese ⇔ English (Premium)
  • Corporate history, founder’s life story: Japanese → English (Premium, Standard)
  • Corporate profiles, annual reports, CSR reports: Japanese ⇔ English (Premium, Standard)
  • Corporate governance reports: Japanese → English (Premium)
  • Company internal meeting materials, minutes, personnel evaluation materials, regulations: Japanese ⇔ English (Standard, Fast, Medical)
  • Product instruction manuals: Japanese ⇔ English (Fast)
  • Fine arts exhibit panel and catalog: Japanese ⇔ English (Premium)
  • Syllabuses: Japanese → English (Fast)
  • Academic theses: Japanese → English (Premium, Standard, Medical)
  • Websites: Japanese → Chinese/Korean/Spanish/French/German/Vietnamese/Thai/Indonesian (Standard)
  • Website introducing Tokyo tourism facilities: Japanese → English/Chinese/Korean (Fast)
  • Guidelines on Clinical Evaluation Methods: Japanese → English (Medical)
  • Protocols & PMDA inquiries: Japanese → English (Medical)

Interpreting equipment

Press conferences by individual nations at G7 Ise-Shima Summit


45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017


Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs simultaneous interpreting system: sales and installation

  • Dinner hosted by Prime Minister of Japan at World Assembly of Women: WAW!2017
  • Discover KABUKI
  • GINZA SIX Opening Program
  • New Economy Summit 2017
  • International Robot Exhibition 2017
  • Tourism EXPO Japan 2017
  • Reconstruction Forum on the 5th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Sale of simultaneous interpreting equipment for Sokairo Hall, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies