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TOP Interpreting Equipment Sample Estimate

Sample Estimate

Interpreting Equipment
Outline: One-day meeting in Tokyo (23 wards area) with 100 participants, using an infrared system for interpreting between two languages (e.g., Japanese and English)

Item Qty. Amount
(excluding tax)
Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment
Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment ¥40,000
Unit Price ¥700
100 ¥70,000
Infrared radiator
Unit Price ¥20,000
2 ¥40,000
Interpretation booth 1 ¥20,000
Audio Equipment
Mixing amplifier (8-channel) 1 ¥8,000
Corded microphone
Unit Price ¥2,000
5 ¥10,000
PA system (capable of transmitting to 100 persons) 1 ¥20,000
Recording Equipment
Expenses for digital audio recording equipment
Unit Price ¥7,000
2 ¥14,000
Processing costs for making materials
(file format: MP3)
Unit Price ¥3,000
2 ¥6,000
Chief Engineer 1 ¥35,000
Assistant Engineer 1 ¥25,000
Equipment Setup and Dismantling Expenses
(one day prior to event)
1 ¥45,000
Equipment Transport Expenses
(within the 23 wards of Tokyo)
1 ¥15,000
Grand Total ¥348,000

*The prices in this table of fees are all base prices (excluding tax).

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