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About Our Equipment

Interpreting Equipment
Interpreting Equipment

The success of a conference depends on the quality of the sound, or in other words, the quality of the interpreting equipment. Just as the interpreter must be able to clearly hear the speaker, the conference participants must be able to clearly hear the interpreter. With SimulTech's high-quality technology and equipment, an ideal environment in which interpreters and conference participants can focus their full attention on the proceedings is created.

Selecting a Simultaneous Interpreting System

Interpreting equipment must be carefully selected based on the purpose and format of the gathering. Different equipment should be used at seminars and symposiums that feature presentations than at conferences at which all participants speak, or at informational gatherings and press conferences held in large halls or open spaces, or at multilingual international conferences. SimulTech offers FM systems and portable audio systems, in addition to state-of-the-art infrared systems, which are widely considered today as the global standard.

Equipment-Related Services

With the increased use of IT today, digitalization is proceeding apace, and broadband environments are becoming more and more commonplace. To respond to all of our clients' needs, SimulTech proudly offers the following services:
  • Digital Services
  • AV and Filming Equipment
  • Recording and Filming Services
  • Sound Systems

Equipment Sales

SimulTech sells and installs original equipment, commercially manufactured simultaneous interpreting equipment, as well as sound and video equipment. We also set up sound and interpreting equipment based on client requirements, in addition to the manufacture and sale of custom FM receivers/radios, which can be given to event participants as souvenirs.

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