List of equipment

Simultaneous interpreting equipment

Infrared system

Transmits audio by infrared light. The confidentiality and high audio quality make it the mainstream simultaneous interpreting system, used in many situations.

Simul original system

A simultaneous interpreting system with ease of operation and a simple design, made for two-language interpreting sessions based on interpreter wishes.

FM system

The interpreter’s voice is sent by FM radio waves to a dedicated receiver. This system is well suited to large venues and large-scale events.

Simple transmitting / Tour guide system

A simple simultaneous interpreting system. Small, light, and readily portable, it is ideal for site tours, accompanying interpreting, and business trips.

Interpreting booths

Originally designed booths incorporating feedback from interpreters and engineers. There are two types, full size and tabletop.

Conference audio equipment

Conference microphone system

A system well suited to international conferences or other events where many participants speak. PC operation allows for mike control by an engineer.

Audio equipment

We can provide microphones, mixing console, speakers, and other audio equipment right for the venue environment.

Related equipment

Digital recording equipment

Events are recorded digitally for delivery as CD-R, by file transfer or other format. Audio quality does not degrade, and only a small storage space is needed.

Telephone interface

Using a telephone pickup (digital hybrid) lets people needing simultaneous interpreting take part in a conference by telephone.

For inquiries regarding interpreting equipment services, please contact:

Simul International, Inc. Technical Service Department