Simul Academy

A proven record of producing work-ready interpreters and translators

Simul Academy was established in 1980 to train interpreters and translators. Since then, it has consistently produced large numbers of interpreters and translators equipped for real-world work. Initially founded to train simultaneous interpreters, Simul Academy aims to develop communication skills for the global stage.

Practical programs led by Japan’s top interpreters and translators

Simul Academy instruction is always practical and exacting. Interpreting classes, for example, use the simultaneous interpreting equipment actually utilized at international conferences. Students with solid language capabilities are equipped with the specialized skills and mindset required of top-flight interpreters and translators, and these are reinforced through repeated practice.

Career support provides opportunities to work while studying

Simul Academy trains interpreters and translators in partnership with other Simul Group companies offering interpreting, translation, and staffing services. In accordance with students’ experience, skills, and aims, they are provided with career counselling and various work opportunities, not only after graduation but also during their studies. Simul Academy offers on-site classes and online courses.

Simul Academy internet courses

For inquiries regarding Simul Academy, please contact:

Simul Academy (schools)

Tokyo school
FAX +81-3-6226-3331
Osaka school
FAX +81-6-6910-1906

Simul Academy internet courses