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Other Services

Tape Transcription

Fees for the transcription of cassette-tape recordings into text and delivery as an electronic text file are as follows.

Standard Fees:
Japanese: ¥40,000 (¥42,000 incl. tax) per hour of tape
English: ¥60,000 (¥63,000 incl. tax) per hour of tape

An additional fee is charged under the following conditions.
Please inquire for an estimate for your project.

When the recording is on a medium other than a cassette tape
When Simul is also asked to take the recording
When the deadline is short (standard delivery times differ depending on the length of the recording)
When the content is highly specialized
When the recording is a mixture of Japanese and English

* Please inquire about our rates for other languages.
* Please inquire about our rates for producing proceedings, reports, or CDs.

Interpreting for Conference Calls and Video Conferences

Simul supplies interpreters to facilitate your conference calls and video conferences with your overseas business partners and branch offices. Both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services are available. We also furnish the necessary equipment and produce minutes of the discussion.

Production of Videos

Simul creates Japanese-language versions (dubbings) of corporate PR videos and videos of executives' speeches and corporate seminars. We also produce videos from streamed content.
* Please inquire for an estimate.
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