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SBC's Staffing Services

Bilingual Staffing
Temporary Staffing Services

Diagrammed below, the system behind our temporary staffing services is focused on communication among the three players involved: the client, SBC, and the bilingual staff.

Temporary Staffing Services

Advantages of Using SBC
(1)  SBC has many staff with high-level language skills who studied at Simul Academy, an educational institute operated by our parent company, Simul International, and known for grooming professional interpreters and translators.
(2)  As a member of the Simul Group, SBC can provide comprehensive language services, including conference interpreting, translation, conference organizing, and interpreting equipment rental.
(3)  Thanks to its wide range of services from temporary staffing, temp-to-hire, and permanent job placement, SBC can offer you a full spectrum of talented language specialists, from bilingual secretaries to in-house interpreters and translators.

Permanent Job Placement Services

In our permanent job placement services, SBC stands between the SBC-registered job seeker and the company seeking an employee to assist with the hiring procedures. SBC mediates employment situations that are highly satisfactory for both the client and the job seeker because SBC carefully investigates the needs of both parties and selects the most appropriate employee from its large pool of registered staff.

Permanent Job Placement Services

Advantages of Using SBC
(1)  SBC is the staffing services agency of the Simul Group which enjoys a solid reputation for its interpreting and translation services and language school (Simul Academy). Taking advantage of the Group's language services network and unparalleled record, SBC has on its roster many staff who are language experts in a variety of fields.
(2)  SBC ensures that your search is efficient and successful by saving you the time and trouble of advertising and hiring through regular recruitment procedures.
(3)  SBC introduces candidates that are highly trustworthy and employable because we interview all candidates and then select and recommend only staff who match your corporate culture and needs.
(4)  SBC only expects payment if it is successful in placing a worker at your organization so there is no charge until the staff joins your organization

Temp-to-Hire Program

Under this system, persons seeking employment work as dispatched staff for a certain period and are placed as regular employees if the client and the staff reach an agreement at the end of that period.

Temp-to-Hire Process
Client requests Temp-to-Hire.

Client and SBC discuss job details.

SBC interviews candidates.

Client and SBC sign Temp-to-Hire contract.

Staff dispatched to client as Temp-to-Hire worker (up to six months).

SBC consults with client and dispatched staff about formal employment.
(SBC confirms employment conditions, etc. and intentions regarding formal employment.)

Client formally employs staff (if both parties agree).

Employee joins company.
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