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TOP Bilingual Staffing Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Bilingual Staffing
In-house Interpreting Company meetings, business negotiations, training programs, tours, and escorting of foreign visitors

SBC will recommend staff with the appropriate experience and skills for the positions you seek to fill. Please contact us with any interpreting need.

* There are three main types of interpreting:
The interpreter sits in a full-equipped simultaneous interpreting booth and interprets the speaker's message into the language of the listeners. The interpreter interprets as the speaker talks so there is little time lag between the speaker and the interpreter. This type of interpreting requires special training and experience.
The interpreter sits next to the listeners and interprets the speaker's message as the speaker talks. There is little time lag between the speaker and the interpreter. In some cases, wireless interpreting equipment, known as guide phones, is used.
The speaker pauses at an appropriate point in his or her message to allow the interpreter to render the content into the language of the listeners.
In-house Translation Translation of in-house documents as well as draft translation, quality-control review, and editing of external documents

SBC has on its roster staff with general business translation skills and those with specializations in a particular field, such as finance, IT, or technology.
Secretarial Work
Executive secretaries and group secretaries

SBC has on its roster experienced staff who can perform office management or interpreting and translation work.
Clerical Duties
Language support services, clerical work, and drafting of foreign-language correspondence

SBC has on its roster staff who can perform a wide range
of tasks, from language and clerical support for non-Japanese to composition of basic foreign-language documents.
Other Registration and language support services at international conferences, events, and exhibitions as well as translation of broadcasts and videos.
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