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TOP Bilingual Staffing Case Studies

Case Studies

Bilingual Staffing
Case Study No. 1

Your company concluded a business tie-up with an international corporation, and you need a full-time interpreter and translator to handle the increase in English-language documents and meetings conducted in English.
In-house Interpreters and Translators
SBC has provided in-house interpreters and translators to Japanese financial companies, automakers, retailers, electronics manufacturers, advertising agencies, and mass media companies.

Case Study No. 2

You are launching an in-house project that requires that a large volume of specialized documents be translated.
Translation in a Specialized Field
SBC has dispatched staff specialized in finance, law, IT, telecommunications, food, academic fields, and real estate.

Case Study No. 3

You need a talented bilingual secretary to assist a newly hired non-Japanese executive who will be required to perform many duties inside and outside the company.
Bilingual Secretaries
SBC has provided bilingual secretaries to foreign research institutes as well as foreign corporations in such fields as manufacturing, finance, consulting, healthcare, telecommunications, and apparel.

Case Study No. 4

You need to be able to handle a variety of foreign languages to hold an international event or conference or to attract foreign corporations to set up operations in Japan.
Bilingual Staff
SBC has dispatched bilingual staff to assist at international events or to work at embassies, PR companies, hotels, and Japanese government ministries and agencies.

Case Study No. 5

You want to hire talented personnel with superior language skills with an eye to developing your business internationally.
Job Placement Services
SBC's permanent job placement services and temp-to-hire program may be just what you are looking for. Let us know your personnel plans and hiring strategy.

* These are just a few examples of projects we have handled in the past. Please do not hesitate to contact us with all your bilingual staffing needs.
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