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Bilingual Staffing
What kinds of skills do the people registered at your staffing services agency have?

How to you test the skills of those registered with your agency?

How much would it cost for us to have SBC dispatch a staff to our company?

Does SBC dispatch workers for one-off assignments or part-time assignments?

We are looking to hire a full-time permanent employee. Does SBC assist with permanent job placement?

A. SBC specializes in bilingual staffing, and we have many foreign language specialists with professional work experience on our staffing roster.

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A. We check the foreign language abilities and IT skills (MS Word and Excel) of everyone who seeks to register with our agency. Language skills are tested using the Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) method. Those seeking interpreting and translation work are given an interpreting and translation exam which is then evaluated by Simul International professionals.

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A. We select and recommend staff whose skill set is suited to your work requirements. We determine the price based on the skills and experience of the staff and the nature of the work at your company. Please contact us for an estimate.

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A. Some of the people registered at our agency seek full-time work while others desire one-off or short-term assignments or part-time work. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any staffing need.

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A. SBC offers permanent job placement services as well as a temp-to-hire program for those seeking full-time permanent employees and contract employees. Please contact us with the details of the position you are seeking to fill.

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