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TOP Simul Academy Course Outlines

Course Outlines

Simul Academy offers comprehensive courses in English, Chinese, and French.
Comprehensive Courses: English Program

Interpreter Training Courses
These courses train interpreters to the high level required in today's fast-globalizing world, applying Simul's unparalleled expertise. More than two-thirds of Simul International interpreters are graduates of Simul Academy.
Translator Training Courses
These courses are practical courses taught by front-line translators. These courses hone not only language ability, but also research and writing skills.
Preparatory Level Interpreting and Translation Training Courses
Our Interpreting Preparatory courses are taught jointly by our Native English teachers and Simul interpreters and the Translator Preparatory courses are taught by Simul Translators. The courses incorporate exercises, skills, methods and practices to assist students to get into the Interpreting or Translator Training Programs.
Comprehensive English Course
Classes are offered at Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels teaching all-round comprehensive English aimed at improving all skill areas including listening comprehension, speaking accuracy and fluency, vocabulary, reading, writing as well as a variety of academic skills such as paraphrasing, summarizing, note-taking. We also have Intensive Comprehensive English courses which offer students an immersion-like experience helping them improve their English skills quickly.
Skills Courses
Current News - develops students' vocabulary and knowledge of current events and issues
Advanced English for Interpreting - develops necessary skills related to interpreting with a view to progressing to our Professional Interpreting Training Courses
Reading and Writing Course - develops necessary reading and writing skills related to translation with a view to progressing to our Professional Translation Training Courses
Regular Courses: Chinese

Interpreter Training Course
Established with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this course was Japan's first professional-level training program for Chinese interpreting. More than 2,000 students have now completed the course, and most of them are active at the very forefront of Japan-China relations.
Translator Training Course
This course teaches practical Chinese translation skills, demand for which is increasing as business between Japan and China expands.
Practical Chinese Program
This program teaches all-round practical Chinese communication skills.
Regular Courses: French

Interpreter Training Course
This course is taught by first-class interpreters using recordings from actual conferences as training material. A variety of levels are offered to suit all students from those escorting tour groups to those wishing to become top-level conference interpreters.
Advanced French for Interpreting
This course offers training in listening, analysis, and speedy oral expression to prepare students for interpreter training courses.
French Translation Program
This program offers all-round training in translation skills and develops students' ability to analyze texts and acquire the specialized knowledge required for translation.
* In addition to the regular courses, short courses, such as intensive programs in English and Chinese, are available in the summer and winter months.
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