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Why Simul Academy?

Simul: The Leader in Interpreting Services

Since its establishment in 1965, Simul has enhanced international communications by providing high-quality interpreting and translation services for G-8 Summit Conferences, national and local government agencies, and many key players in finance and business. Simul Academy was founded in 1980 to groom interpreters and translators. Today, the Academy also offers practical English programs aimed at boosting all-round communication skills. Our graduates are professionals active in the international arena using their vast knowledge, experience, and language skills.

Simul International's key interpreting projects include the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, the G-8 Summit, the UK-Japan 21st Century Group Meeting, the APEC Ministerial Conference, the Japan-EU Summit, and the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

Career Support

Most of Simul International's interpreters are graduates of Simul Academy, and high-caliber graduates of the Interpreter Training Program have the opportunity to register as exclusive Simul International interpreters. Graduates of other Academy courses can find work (short-term, long-term, part-time, and full-time positions) as in-house interpreters and translators and bilingual secretaries and clerical workers through Simul Business Communications, Simul's staffing services agency.

Skill & Content Based English Programs

Our English programs aim to enhance students' ability in the four basic skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing by using our own Simul-developed skill and content based method. In our in-house developed worksheets we use content from authentic reports in the news media which deal with a range of subjects related to politics, economics and social issues. All class work demands a high level of student involvement with the material, each other and the teacher as the tasks and activities are designed to create interactive and communicative lessons. In this way the students are gradually able to handle more abstract concepts and use more sophisticated vocabulary, grammar structures and natural/colloquial expressions. Furthermore, students gain other important academic skills which will help them refine their English, including note-taking, summarizing, and paraphrasing as well as presentation and discussion skills. These abilities are crucial for those seeking to become interpreters or to use their English in other professional settings.

Top-Flight Instructors

Simul Academy is able to offer such a high level of education thanks to the experienced professionals who teach the classes. The Interpreter and Translator Training Programs are taught by some of today's finest interpreters and translators, and most of those who instruct the Interpreter Training Program are Simul International interpreters. Our Practical English Programs boast a fleet of outstanding instructors who have academic degrees in teaching English or equivalent qualifications and have mastered skills and content-based teaching. Simul Academy also has a class advisor system under which the instructor assesses the progress of each student and supports them in improving their weak areas and reaching their goals.

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