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To register as Japanese-English interpreters at Simul International, applicants must meet the following requirements:
1. Have two or more years of interpreting experience, or
2. Be a graduate of an interpreter training program at Simul Academy or another institution
(For other languages, the above conditions may not apply.)

We especially welcome applications from persons experienced in simultaneous interpreting into/from Japanese and one of the following: Chinese, Korean, or Portuguese.

For details on recruiting, please click here.

Application Form
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*  Please omit hyphens and parentheses in telephone and facsimile numbers, and be sure to indicate the country code (if outside Japan) and area code.
e.g.: 1212xxxxxxx (from New York City in the United States)
**  Please be sure to include the building name and floor, if appropriate, as well as the country, if outside Japan.
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***  Please do not use such characters as the ampersand, quotation mark, or angle bracket in your inquiry because they may cause an error in the automatic response system.
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