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Message from the President

About Us
For over 50 years since its founding in 1965, Simul International has continued to provide interpretation and translation services by top-class professionals for all of its clients' important communication areas.

Globalization will continue to progress ever more broadly and at an ever-quickening pace by transcending countries with different cultures and histories. In particular, for clients who must carry out extremely important negotiations and communications as representatives of nations, companies, and corporate entities, we believe that the responsibility that interpreters and translators have to accurately understand the speaker's intention, convert it into another language, and reliably convey it to the other party will continue to increase in importance. Amid changes in the environment, innovation based on new technologies and accumulated wisdom will be indispensable for both our clients as well as all of us at Simul who support these interpreters and translators.

Going forward, Simul will contribute to the success of its clients as a foreign language communication partner through collaboration between its employees, interpreters and translators, and affiliated companies.

We look forward to your further support in the future.
Junichi Hayashi
Simul International, Inc.

Junichi Hayashi
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