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Brief Chronology

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1965 Simul International, Inc., is established.
1969 Simul gains national recognition for its simultaneous interpreting for the television coverage of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
1975 Simul Interpreter School (the predecessor of Simul Academy) is founded.
Simul provides interpreting for the Rambouillet Summit, the first of many summit conferences supported by Simul's interpreting services.
1977 Simul International receives the Japan Foundation Special Prize for its contribution to international exchange.
1980 Simul Academy is established.
1981 Simul Academy starts its Chinese/Japanese Interpreter-Training Program.
1982 Simul Academy's Osaka School opens.
1985 Simul International is awarded the Minister for Foreign Affairs Prize for its contribution to international relations.
1990 Simul Academy's Shinjuku School opens.
Simul Academy starts its French/Japanese Interpreter-Training Program.
1991 The Corporate Training Center is established. (Renamed the Corporate Training Department in 2004)
1998 Simul provides interpreters and staff for the Nagano Winter Olympic Games.
Simul becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Benesse Corporation.
1999 Simul Academy's Toranomon School opens.
2000 Simul Business Communications, Inc. (SBC) is established and commences personnel-dispatching services.
2001 SBC offers job-placement services.
2002 SBC launches Kansai Office.
2003 Simul Technical Communications, Inc. (STC) is established.
2005 Simul provides support for the establishment of the Center for the Advancement of Interpreting Skills (CAIS), a non-profit organization.
2009 STC opens Kansai Office.
2011 LinkTrans Simul, Inc. (LTS) is established.
Simul Academy's Higashi-ginza School is opened (relocation of Toranomon School).
2012 LTS opens Kansai Office.
2015 Simul Academy's Tokyo School opens.

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